Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Who We Are & What We Do

Who We Are
Well our name says it all.....We buy key fobs! You are probably asking "what the heck do you do with them?" Good question. We refurbish the remotes, clean them up, make sure they are working, put batteries in them, and then offer them to the public, along with programming instructions, at substantially lower prices than dealers charge. It is really that simple, get them in, get them working, get them sold!

What We Do
We turn unwanted key fobs into cash!

Who We Do It For
Any place that has access to large quantities of vehicle keyless entry remotes. Our usual customers are dealerships, auctions, salvage yards, insurance companies, and tow companies.

How Much We Pay
The price of the key fobs varies on supply and demand, year of vehicle, style of the remote, and the condition of the remote. Still have questions?  Shoot us an email!

Selling to Us
It’s as simple as gathering your key fobs, downloading a packing slip, following the instructions, and sending the key fobs to us! We’ll take it from there.
To find out more about We Buy Key Fobs
·         Visit our website at webuykeyfobs.com
·         Call us at 402-260-5889
·         Email us at customerservice@webuykeyfobs.com.

We take great pride in the recycling we do for key fobs and are a proud member of the Automotive Recycler’s Association

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