Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Things to Do With Your Key Fob Earnings in Florida

Need some extra spending money while in Florida for the tow show? Bring your old key fobs to us at Booth 145 and get the chance to earn some cash. $$

What will you do in Florida with the extra cash you earn from your old key fobs? Here's some ideas to get you thinking:

If you make $0-$100

- Take a stroll through Disney Springs for food, shopping, and one of a kind entertainment. 
Photo via Disney Springs/Facebook

Here you can visit:

- Coca-Cola Store
 Photo via coca-colacompany.com
- Goofy's Candy Company
 Photo via disneydining.com

- House of Blues Gear Shop
Photo via disneysprings.com
- The Lego Store
Photo via disneysprings.com
- Rainforest Cafe
 Photo via www.10best.com

- You and up to 6 friends can take part in a real life escape game at Escapology
Photo via tripadvisor.com

- Enjoy a delicious meal at Johnnie's Hideaway, a prime lake- view location.
Photo via orlandoinformer.com

If you make $100+ 

- Take a ride in an Amphicar Tour. These vintage cars drive on land and enter the water. They can hold up to 4 people, and make for a fun family (or friend) experience.
Photo via theboathouseorlando.com

- See parades and firework shows at Disney's Magic Kingdom Park. Tow show attendees can get admission discounts, find out how here!
Photo via disneyfanatic.com

- Shoot firearms at Orlando's first Automatic Adrenaline Attraction, Machine Gun America.
Photo via tripadvisor.com

- View the Lake Buena Vista area in the air on one of Orlando's many helicopter tours such as, Air Force Fun Helicopter Tours

Photo via tripadvisor.com

- Play in the 11th Annual USAC/MD Golf Classic that is in conjunction with the Florida Tow Show. You can register to play or be a sponsor here.

Photo via https://secure.perfectgolfevent.com/eventweb/4901/

- Or save your money and put it to good use for when you get back home!

Whatever you decide to do with the money, it can be nice having extra cash on hand. We want to help you have just that!

Don't forget to pack up your old key fobs and bring them to us at Booth 145 to get paid!

And enjoy your time in sunny Florida, we sure will!

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